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Environment Health & Safety


We apply intelligent design principles to improve sustainability within our product designs. Does your products get the best environmental direction there is? Polymer Technical Services deliver all of these principles for free.

-       Recyclability at design.

-       Management of regrind materials.

-       Colour management. 

-       Disassembly features.

-       Light walling.

-       Product recycling symbol.

-       Sustainable Packaging.

-       Waste, Electronic, Electrical Equipment Directive – (WEEE) Product Compliance.

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Sustainable Future


We only specify plastic materials that are RoHS ( Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. If a polymer material cannot be supported with a compliance statement then we will not work with it. We recognise that an efficient process is a healthy process and all our efforts are focused on delivering products that exceed your expectations.

We do not knowinglly handle or specify any chemicals that are not complying with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) compliant.

In our Industry our expertise in process ventillation and dust extraction, water treatment, noise pollution, static controls and the correct thermal processing of polymer materials are vital to the efficient health of a business.

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We have the experience of working and delivering product and process solutions that meet stringent mechanical and electrical regulatory compliance to international standards. We have successfully designed critical components that have life dependency as their function.

We have used statistical techniques to determine critical mechanical safety performance levels and we are competent at carrying out the following analytical services;

-       Risk Assessments – Product, Cell, Process & Plant.

-       Destructive Testing and modelling.

-       Chemical attack, analysis and reporting.

-       Polymer contamination and material authentication.

Safety is at the core of everything we do at Polymer Technical Services. We recognise that a successful business is a safe business and we build in safety at every cornerstone of our operation to support you and exceed your expectation.

This Service is free and it comes with our experience. Why don't you call us today to discuss how we can build sustainability into your products and save you money.