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Scientific Instruments

Gauges and Valves

We offer a Fusion of Plastic, Electronic and Mechanical Design Engineering Solutions to realise your Instrument Strategy. We can take your Product Concept to realisation in a faster time than the competition because this is a core competency of our Business.

We will deliver your Business an attractive Solution based on the criteria below.

Mechanical and Electronic Reliability.

Industrial Design for Manufacture.

Supply Chain Management Solutions.

Colour Management.

Tamper Proofing and Warranty Compliance.

Small, Medium and Large Batch Volumes.

Low Capital Tooling Solutions.

Flame Retardant Materials.

LED – Super Bright Displays.


Packaging Solutions.

Legislative conformance.

Technical Authorship.

If you would like Polymer Technical Services to support your Business today, then please give us a call today to open up new avenues for your Scientific Instruments: 

Industrial Design



Electronic Vacuum Gauge

Electronic Instrumentation

We offer Modular Design, Range Standardisation and Competitive Manufacture to deliver competitive sustainable products for today's Marketplace.

Rack mounted Instrument displays.

Modular design in robust plastic box / metal enclosures.

Integrated software and electronics.

Digital display with LED output.

Sustainable Design Solutions.

Compliance for electrical safety and environment standards.

Integrated Thermal Cooling Solutions.

EMC and RFI Shielding.

Flame Retardant Enclosures.

Dust and Static Design Solutions.


Please contact us today for a more comprehensive introduction to what we can offer your Business.

Plastic Enclosure with Membrane Switching