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Pumping Systems

We provide cost effective Engineering Solutions for your Pump Development Programs. We deliver Cost Reduction Iniatives based on competitive Procurement and Supply Chain Management that will save your business money. We adopt a hands on strategy to deliver technical engineering solutions and commercial perfromance improvements through a hands on part by part analysis.

Our expertise covers the widest range of Chemical and Industrial Pumping Applications in aggressive and high temperature perfromance environments. We offer on the button expertise in delivering optimium material performance and component design in plastic injection moulding, extrusion, vacuum forming, sheet fabrication, aluminium and iron castings (high & low pressure) and sealing technologies for Industrial, Scientific and Medical Pumping Systems.

We have expertise in integrating electrical and electronic systems with hardware to provide safe and reliable Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). We deliver core competencies in the following areas of expertise;

-       Project Management.

-       Industrial Design.

-       Cost Reduction Programs.

-       Industrial Enclosures.

-       Water Cooled Electronics.

-       Electrical & Electronic HMI and Interconnects.

-       Thermal Management Solutions.

-       Technical Consultancy – Plastics, Castings, Sheet Metal and Seals.

-       Colour Management.

-       Sustainable Packaging Solutions.

Our Business is a friendly business to do business with and we are here to assist you achieve your Goals. Please contact Colm Muldoon today to understand in more detail how we can support your business going forward and deliver real perfromance value to your Operations.

Plastics in pumps




Plastics in pumps