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Phlebotomy Products.

We offer your business our support and expertise in everything Polymer for your Medical and Pharmacuetical Applications. We combine our skills in Plastics Design, Product Development, Plastic Injection Mould Tooling, Plastic Moulding Technology, Elastomers and Silicones to provide you with innovative business solutions.

Our skills in integrating Electrical and Electronic functionality into Plastic Enclosures with remote accessibility will be a major benefit to your Electromedical Product Development Cycles.

We serve our Clients by offering Project Management to support their New Product Development Programs, Technology Scale Ups and Product Transfers.

Polymer Technical Services is an ideal partner in your business. We support your core staff in providing the technical expertise and resource to effect rapid product development and a reduced time to market.

We deliver core competencies in the following areas;

Project Management – Medical, Diagnostic and Opthalmic.

Innovative Design and Client IP (Intellectual Property).

Development and Prototyping.

Manufacturing Integrity and Validation – GMP. QA systems.

Polymers in Medical Devices – Class 1, 11a, 11b and 111.

Material Science – Biocompatibility, Low Migration Polymers.

Consumer Health and Electromedical.

Tamper Evidance and Proofing.

Six Sigma Process Development.



If you would like Polymer Technical Services to support your business or you would like to discuss a problem then please give us call and we will be here to assist you.

Medical Phlebotomy Products

Diagnostic Instrumentation and Equipment

We provide Technical, Design, Manaufacturing and Project Management expertise for Medical Diagnostic Equipment.

We specialise in offering Plastic Design Solutions that offer robust handling and eliminate EMC and RFI interference. We deliver tactile soft touch pads for efficient Human Machine Interface with positive user feedback. Our Intelligent Designs allow for easy clean and wipe down surfaces to avoid the build up of harmful bacteria.

We specialise in small batch quantities and offer low capital investment route with scale up options for the future.

We deliver core competencies in the following areas;

-       User Centred Ergonomic Design.

-       Tactile Interfaces.

-       Steriliseable and Chemical resistance Polymers.

-       Electronic and Electrical Integration.

-       EMC & RFI Shielding for Sensitive Devices.

-       Metering and Pumping.

-       Low Cost – Disposable Electrical Interconnects.

-       Low Cost Electromedical Looms.

If you would like Polymer Technical Services to support your business or you would like to discuss a problem then please give us call and we will be here to assist you.

Medical Diagnostic Equipment


Contract Service.

Polymer Technical Services offers your business  contract design resource to realise your creative concepts and innovate along the journey. We offer unique Prototyping and Development Services to test and prove the design in short time spans in medically approved prototyping materials.

Our technical advise and consultation will position your application with the most suitable materials and a design that is robust for manufacture. Our knowledge of tooling across small and high volume manufacture will provide you with the fastest and most economic development pathway.

Do you require contract project management skills to realise creative concept in a fully managed and regulated route from concept to cradle?

Do you need Contract Design?

Do you need Technical Consultation?

Do you require Contract Project Management to deliver and support Product Development, Tooling Programs, Technology Transfer or a supporting role for Key Staff?

Polymer Technical Services are here to provide you with a full back up resource and support for the journey. Please contact us today for a friendly chat if you would like us to support your business needs.

Digital Hearing Aid