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Control Modules

Our expertise is delivering Business Performance Improvements at every stage of manufacture and procurement through our expert knowledge of Materials Performance, Intelligent Design and Competitive Procurement. We are a low overhead operation and our service is very competitive in supporting your business needs.

We specialise in shielded plastic enclosures that encapsulates the high value electronics. We offer reverse engineering solutions replacing metal enclosures with plastic housings to provide full mechanical, EMC and RFI protection with a very healthy cost saving per unit. We deliver unit cost savings, reduced lead-times and significant labour and cell efficiencies not to mention a reduction in inventory, light weighting, easy of assembly and disassembly and reduced global shipping costs.

In many instances we have to interface with metal chassis and we offer design and competitive sourcing to achieve competitive advantages whilst ensuring the mechanical integrity and environmental protection for your application. 

Serviceability and inter-changeability of critical components in the field is a prerequisite in todays merketplace. We offer ease of access and sustainable designs solutions for free to your business and your customers. Thermal Management of electronics is an important facet in delivering reliability and reduced warranty costs for your business, we offer a number of integrated design solutions to keep your electronics cool.

Are you getting value for money with your electronic and electrical enclosures, connectors, metalwork and electrical looms?

Contact us today to realise significant cost savings in your business.  

-       Cost Reduction Programs.

-       Project Management.

-       Industrial Design.

-       Electronic and Electrical Enclosures.

-       Competitive Procurement.

-       Electrical Connectors and Looms.

-       Material Specification and Processing.

-       Technical Support and Reliability Engineering.

If you would like Polymer Technical Services to support your NPI (New Product introduction) or to provide Technical Consultation to existing product lines in order to achieve significant business performance improvements then please contact Colm Muldoon today for a friendly chat and let us save your business money.

Industrial Control Module

Metal Replacement - Control Interface Modules.

When you have two products that look identical, have the same functionality are copy exact with IP (Ingress Protection) 44 and qualified to IEC 61010 I hear you asking what is the difference?

The difference is cost, ease of assembly, reduction in parts and of course weight! These all add up to significant cost savings for your business. 

A shielded plastic enclosure can replace a metal stamped enclosure and deliver the same functionality. EMC & RFI shielding is achieved through metalisation of the interior of  the plastic box offering excellent adherence and barrier properties. The injection moulded housing can offer free design features which support assembly and they are included at no cost to the injection mould tool. The liklihood of traped wiring on assembly is eliminated through free cable management features. The plastic material delivers high impact strength and robustness in nominal 2.50 mm wall section. The plastic material is flame retardant meeting UL94 V-0. The material is available to suit your corporate colour requirements.

When you have to transport a part around the world, weight is a significant part of the total transport costs. If your business offers service and warranty liability then this becomes more salient when you look at the bigger picture. A Polymer Technical Services solution will work well for your business through reverse engineering or concept..

Core competencies are listed below for this Project:

-       Project Management.

-       Intelligent Design for Assembly.

-       Backwards Compatibility.

-       Metal Replacement Programs.

-       Shielded Polymer Housings.

-       International Regulatory Compliance.

-       Project Capitalisation inside two months.

-       Reduced Inventory & Lead times.

-       Product Light weighting.

-       Competitive Procurement.

Please contact Colm Muldoon today for a friendly chat, if you would like Polymer Technical Services to support your Business needs.

Cost Reduction Program

Smart Card Readers

Polymer Technical Services delivers high volume Fully Automated Manufacturing Cells for Global Telcoms and Retail Banking applications. We provide Technical Leadership and International Project Management to achieve your business objectives.

Our Core competencies are listed below for this Project:

-       Project Management.

-       High Volume Manufacture.

-       High Speed Stamping.

-       Plating.

-       Injection Moulding Technology.

-       Liquid Crystal Polymers (LCP).

-       High Speed Printing.

-       Tape and Reel Packaging.

-       Surface Mount Design.

-       Technology Transfer (Europe).

Please contact Colm Muldoon today for a friendly chat, if you would like Polymer Technical Services to support your business requirements.

LCP Smart Card Reader

Electrical Connectors

Polymer Technical Services has expertise in delivering bespoke hermetically sealed electrical inter-connections that offer reliable performance in aggressive environments. We offer Technical Consultation in delivering reliable cost effective replacement for Silicone and Glass to Metal Sealing Technology for your electrical connectors or housings in the Automotive, Marine, Oil and Gas, Nuclear and Vacuum applications.

If your business has an application requiring water and air sealed inter-connects at lower than market costs then we offer your business solutions in the following applications

-       UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) Applications.

-       Marine and Automotive Engine Applications.

-       Elevated Temperatures.

-       Static and Dynamic Sealing Designs.

-       Engineered Plastic Bodies.

-       Epoxy Sealing Technology.

-       Interchangeable Pins.

Please contact Colm Muldoon today for a friendly chat, if you would like Polymer Technical Services to support your Business requirements.

Bespoke Electrical Connector

Control Panels - Human Machine Interface

Polymer Technical Services delivers HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) for effective Operational Control of your Electronic or Industrial Products. We provide Control Panel switching with Flexible Membranes or Mechanical Switching Mechanisms.

Our accomplished expertise will deliver benefits to your Business in the following areas:

-       Project Management.

-       Industrial Design Solutions.

-       Competitive Procurement.

-       Rapid Prototyping Solutions.

-       Console Dashboard Controls.

-       Cost effective Switch Mechanisms.

-       Front Face Label Designs with Corporate Graphic.

-       Tactile Interface.

-       Standard Control Symbols.

If you would like Polymer Technical Services to support your business and add real value then please contact us today for a friendly chat.

Dashboard – Human Machine Interface