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We provide technical leadership and project management expertise in delivering engineering plastics solutions for the Aerospace Industry. Our focus is on offering the Aerospace Industry cost and weight reduction solutions in advanced engineering polymers as replacements for metal components.

In particular the use of PEEK injection mouldings and coatings as metal replacements. This polymer delivers light weighting, fuel economy, tribological properties, mechanical and thermal performance together with cost reduction and efficiency improvements. PEEK also delivers outstanding Chemical Resistance and low out gassing properties.

We offer polymer product design and technical leadership to realise your cost reduction program.  

-      Cost reduction program management .

-      Design Engineering Solutions.

-       Metal replacement opportunities.

-       Temperature and Chemical Resistance.

-       High precision micron machine ability.

-       Low out-gassing and excellent barrier properties.

-       Flame Retardancy.

-       Excellent tribological properties

-      Cost reduction program management .

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