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5 Reasons to be with Polymer Technical Services. 

  1. Our accomplished Cost Reduction Programs take cost out of your business.
  2. The Project Management team delivers technical and commercial goals.
  3. Industrial Design that oozes intelligence and experience.
  4. Outsourced resource with low overheads that delivers when and where you need us.
  5. Supply Chain Management will achieve competitive pricing across commodities
...........................and there is more...
  1. Our Technical Consultations will position your business for the future.
  2. Get the benefits from competitive tooling for Plastics, Stampings and Castings.
  3. Get the best cost structure for your Business today. Why pay over the odds?
  4. Sustainable intelligent design for your products and packaging solutions.
  5. Rapid Prototype solutions offering reduced time to market for NPI.
  6. The Plant & Management Services support your expansion plans and manage asset deployment and recovery.
  7. Our Communications are always full on and reliable.
  8. We are a friendly team, always available and keen to discuss solutions with you.
  9. Our Service is built on meaningful and lasting relationships.
  10. Competency and experience that delivers robust solutions in quick time.

Call us today for a friendly chat to understand where we can support your business needs.

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